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Verse of the day

"God .. There is no god but He, the Living forever, That Is. Its not comprehend neither sleep nor slumber. Him belongs all that is in heaven and on earth"

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Important dates

October 26 - October 27

Kurbat-Fitr holiday - the end of the great pilgrimage to Mecca

November 15

Start of a new 1434 AH

November 24

Ashura - a commemoration of the prophets of Allah poslanikov


According to the tradition of Muslim congregations Noor along with parishioners every Muslim festival organizes festive meal.

Invited guests from Moscow and the Moscow region: the clergy, veterans of the Second World War, the City of Podolsk.

This time, without changing their traditions, organized a charity table on which arrived everyone, regardless of nationality and religion. The total number of members attending Eid prayers was about 1500 people. And it's worth noting that the last holiday of Eid ul-Fitr prayer at the number of people present, was about 4500 parishioners.

The opening remarks addressed the audience Imam Muslim congregations "Nur". He began his speech with the glorification of Allah, the Creator of all things, and was then read a passage from the Holy Qur'an, also mentioned about the origins of the holiday. Then the floor was given to the assistant imam Pushkino Ruslan Shabaeva, where he greeted and congratulated all Muslims in the name of Pushkino, expressed hope for further cooperation for the benefit of the Muslim community, and then word was given Shabaeva acac Abdullovich - a VOV, chairman of the veterans committee Pushkino, who thanked those present for their attention.

On the tables were different meals, including the sacrificial animal.

After a celebratory dinner with everyone present Imam erected prayer to Almighty Allah for making this charitable cause and reward the organizers of the event, which helped financially, materially and whose feasible labor.

In the Qur'an, Allah mentions the reward of good deeds: "Those who spend of their property, wanting to be pleasing to the Lord, seeking to strengthen their faith, like the owner of a garden on a hill obese, giving fruit and with a little rain, and when it spills onto the abundant rain. If held shower, a garden will bear fruit twice, but with a small rain garden provides fruit, because the land is fertile. sincere believers have not lost good deeds. Allah sees all that you do! "

"Those who spend out of their property by night and day, secretly and openly, will find their reward with the Lord. They do not fear for their future and not grieve for what has passed of their worldly goods. No fear on them, nor shall they sad! "

Hadith of a day

"The believers, the most rapid in the faith - those who have high noble morals. And the best of you - those who are best to his wife "



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  • Do not abuse the Imams!
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    Do not abuse the Imams!

    Message from the Chairman

    Many members of the mosque because of ignorance, and sometimes deliberately give money for certain services in the hands of the priest. And no one thinks, and whether it is right. From the side like a bribe traffic police inspector - like as a matter of course.

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  • Halal Podolsk
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    1. Hypermarket "Globe" Klimovsk st. Youth, 11

    2. TC "Auchan City Podolsk" Podolsk, st. Serpuhovskaya B., 45.

    3. Supermarket "Crossroads", Podolsk, st. Komsomol, 3.

    4. Shop "Halal", Podolsk, st. Red, for D / C Leps

    5. TC "Elisabeth" Podolsky district village. Railroad Street. B.Serpuhovskaya, D. 229

    6. Farm "Russia's" settlement satin Tatar

    7. Shop "SAFA" Moscow Metro "South" in the market

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    "There are two benefits that people do not appreciate. It - health and free time. "

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    "A believer is a brother to another believer. He has no right to betray one another and lie, lie to him and leave without assistance. A Muslim has no right to infringe on the honor, life and property of another. "

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Halal Podolsk

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